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The TMC Medical Centre has a wide range of services in and around the TMC Walk-In Clinic. For a list of these services, click here to visit our services page

On-site LAB and X-RAY

LAB: (519) 258-1991
WRA X-RAY: (519) 739-3301
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The doctors at TMC and IMHS volunteered their time to take care of the homeless and indigent population at Street Help and Windsor Youth Center.

They plan on returning to both facilities; as well as planing long term help, medical and psychological, for the homeless/indigent population.

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Helping Street Help and Windsor Youth Center February 20, 2016

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TMC Travel Shuttle August 9, 2015

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Travel Clinic Shuttle

TMC Travel Clinic shuttle available
please call for more information

Work Injury RETURN shuttle available at times for contracted companies,
please call 519-979-5260 ext 1022

Travel Clinic

Going on vacation? The TMC Clinic has a full service travel clinic. Make sure you visit to ensure a healthy vacation click here to go to our Travel Clinic Website


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